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Listed below and on the following pages are some (only some!) of the major kids' educational destinations accessible by public transit in Los Angeles and beyond.

Exposition Park is Los Angeles museum headquarters: four, count them, four major educational destinations have their extended zip codes here, and a visiting school group can stroll between them in minutes.

You can't ride a zippy rail line to this park (yet), but many, many bus lines can get us here: the DASH F and MTA 38, 40, 42, 45, 81, 200, 204, 745, 754 and Transitway buses all pass or come close to Exposition Park.

Natural History Museum
The largest natural and historical museum in the western United States. That sounds big, and it is: a school group could spend several days wandering the halls of this museum alone. Elementary school groups often make a beeline to the Insect Zoo and Discovery Center, but that's only one of the attractions here. Dinosaurs, North American and African mammals, Gems and Minerals Hall, California History room, World of Birds, Marine Life gallery, Hall of Native American cultures ... they're all here.
California Science Center
You'll find three permanent galleries here, and a fourth for traveling exhibits. Some of our groups devote a whole day just to 'World of Life,' which teaches students about the life processes in general and the human body in particular. The remaining two permanent exhibits: Creative World, which includes a corner devoted to earthquakes, and the upstairs Transportation gallery (a natural fit for TransitPeople, for obvious reasons).
California African American Museum
This is the place for African American art, history and culture in Los Angeles. Like the Science Center, the Museum is free. CAAM now hosts once-a-month-or-so Sunday family festivals.
Aerospace Museum
Technically, this is part of the Science Center ... but it's in another building, and visitors think of it as a different museum. Come here to learn about flying and rockets, from the Wright Brothers to Sputnik and beyond. (How about astronomy and solar system? Griffith Observatory, yes; Aerospace Museum, no. Sorry.)

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