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Interested in a carfree trip to the home city of the planet's third busiest port? Don't want to swim? Bored with skydiving? Consider a ride on a Transitway bus: one of the express routes that roam the high occupancy vehicle 'Transitway' lanes atop the Harbor 110 freeway. The 445, 446, 447 and 550 all travel here. (Or, you can step off the Blue Line at Pine and First and get on a Commuter Express 142; it crosses the channel to San Pedro every thirty minutes or so.

Any one of these routes will put you within walking distance of the Maritime Museum. But if you're interested enough in transit to visit this web site, you simply must find an excuse to ride the waterfront's new Red Car Trolley. The trolley fleet includes PE 1058, a fully restored interurban that served during the city's golden age of transit, when Los Angeles boasted the most extensive electric railway system in the world.

Maritime Museum
Where can you find a model of a whaling schooner, an 1870s brigantine, an English tea clipper, and a full-sized Yurok canoe ... not to mention a vintage diving locker and a ham radio station? The answer, of course, is at this immaculately-maintained waterfront museum, which deserves to be a lot better-known than it is.
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Before the Aquarium of the Pacific opened a few years ago, a 'trip to the aquarium' for generations of Angelenos meant a visit to a bath house on Cabrillo Beach. The bath house still stands, but San Pedro's aquarium has moved to a Frank Gehry-designed complex next door. It offers plenty to visiting children: educational tours, three outdoor marine habitats, and a chance to picnic on the beach. From downtown San Pedro, two trolley rides will get you here: a Red Car ride, and then a short jaunt on the electric bus.

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