How to Join

Note, 12/4/2013: TransitPeople is closing up shop! Please see the news page for more information.

If you're a Los Angeles area teacher interested in an insured, educational field trip, please contact us to learn how you can book a trip for your class. Not all schools have good public transit access, and we probably won't be able to accommodate you if you'd need four hours and three transfers just to get to the day's destination: we don't want your children to have a bad time.

But the only way to find out is to contact us: please do!

If your transit access is good, the next step will be to decide where you'd like to take your class, and what date will be good for your trip. Popular trip destinations include the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Natural History Museum and Science Center in Exposition Park, and Central Library downtown; however, we visit many more destinations in the Los Angeles area. (Please see our destinations pages for trip ideas.)

The choice of a destination will depend largely on where you're starting from; a destination easily visited by a mid-city school may be almost inaccessible to a group starting from the Valley.

You're free to book on any day that a TransitPeople trip leader is available to chaperone your group. (Although it's usually easier to book a weekend trip, when more trip leaders can sign up.) The only exceptions are trips to cultural festivals and other one day events, like Childrens' Day in Little Tokyo or the New Year's parade in Chinatown.

Although we'd like to take a hundred kids from your site to the zoo or the aquarium, we couldn't supervise that many, or fit them all on the bus. For that reason, group size is usually limited to twenty-four children, as well as a few adults from your site to assist with chaperoning. If extra trip leaders are available, we might be able to book two groups from your site.

After a group from your site is signed up, you'll receive an itinerary for the day, and waiver/consent forms. The trip leader will need to receive signed copies of these forms for all participants, for insurance reasons. On the day of the trip, the leader will come to your site to meet your group, and will escort them back at day's end.