Car Era Quiz

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1.  In 1876, Nikolaus Otto invented a new engine that could be made smaller and lighter than a steam engine. This engine was called the:
locomotive engine internal combustion engine
combusted internal engine new and improved engine
2.  Otto's new engine could be made smaller because it didn't burn fuel in a separate boiler. Instead it burned fuel:
before the engine started outdoors
inside the engine itself somewhere kids can't go
3.  Who built the first car?
TransitPeople Richard Trevithick
Karl Benz No one knows
4.  In 1908, Henry Ford built a new car that was cheaper and more reliable than older cars. He called his car the:
Model T cheap, reliable car
Volkswagen Yukon
5.  What did some drivers ignore?
class rules line order
TransitPeople traffic lights
6.  In the 1930s, the government began building special roads for cars. These were called:
"car only" roads freeways
speedways race tracks
7.  As cars became more popular, fewer people used:
sidewalks steam
soap and water public transit
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