Early Transportation

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1.  The most important invention of all time might have been:
lunch tickets homework
spaghetti sauce the wheel
2.  The first wheels were used about five thousand years ago in:
Mesopotamia Messy Potatoes
outer space Bell Gardens
3.  What tools were used to make dug-out boats?
pencils and erasers macaroni and cheese
stones and antlers knives and forks
4.  The ___________ were the greatest traders of the ancient world:
dinosaurs cave men
first teachers Phoenicians
5.  The Romans built a great arena called the:
Circus Maximus Hollywood Bowl
Dory and Nemo lunch room
6.  What famous poet complained of life in ancient Rome?
Barack Obama Juvenal
George Washington Wonder Woman
7.  Slaves sometimes carried rich Romans on their shoulders in:
the first cars animal skins
lecticas spaceships
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