Car Problems Quiz

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1.  Before 1956, people in London burnt ____ and _____ in their homes to stay warm:
ham and eggs coal and wood
books and newspapers garbage
2.  About how many people live on earth today?:
seven billion no one knows
seven gazillion between 100,000 and a trillion
3.  Factories can make over 100,000 pounds of ______ just to make one car:
baloney candy
fire and steam waste
4.  How many vehicles will be on earth in 2020?
vehicle is a fake word seven gazillion
two billion no one knows
5.  What percentage of Americans use public transit to go to work?
five percent fifty percent
fifty-five percent almost no one
6.  In Singapore, most trips are by _________:
car running and walking
helicopter public transit
7.  What are two businesses that depend on cars?
mechanics and car washes zoos and circuses
trees and flowers buses and bus stops
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