Public Transit Quiz

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1.  Venice, Italy is built on top of :
dinosaur bones England and France
islands and waterways mountains and valleys
2.  Which of these American cities is famous for its transit system?
New York City Woodland Hills
Houston Detroit
3.  What two words are sometimes used for subways?
Mutt and Jeff None. Other words are illegal.
Amtrak and Metrolink metros and undergrounds
4.  In what city is the shortest train in the world?
Littleton The Short City
Thousand Oaks Los Angeles
5.  A special lane just for buses is called a __________
busway freeway
highway no way
6.  What do some Canadians do with Bixi bikes?
They eat them. They sleep on them.
They rent them. They sell them.
7.  Sometimes traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia is so bad that cars can only go _________ miles per hour.
eighty or ninety four or five
twelve or seventy-six Jakarta isn't a city.
8.  Paratransit vehicles include:
skateboards and unicycles flying saucers and spaceships
shuttles, taxis and mini-buses big trucks for carrying Paras
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