Train Era Quiz

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1.  Before locomotives, what animals pulled carts on tracks?
triceratops horses
hamsters cart dogs
2.  Who built the first locomotive?
Richard Trevithick Richard Simmons
Richard Pryor Richard Nixon
3.  The first locomotive engines were powered by:
their sense of smell gasoline
love of travel steam
4.  Steam engines also were used to power:
sailboats ships
very, very old cars airplanes
5.  In New York City, the population __________ every ten years from 1800 to 1880:
fell asleep ate lunch
doubled died
6.  Who tried to build a subway in secret in a clothing store basement?
Alfred Neumann Alfred Ely Beach
the U.S. President a bored third grader
7.  Los Angeles' Pacific Electric Railway system was the biggest electric rail system:
built by Henry Huntington in the world
in California in this galaxy
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