Trip Stats: 2004

Listed below are statistics for the TransitPeople excursions completed in 2004. Please see the destination pages for more specific information on educational attractions in Exposition Park and downtown Los Angeles. "# Kids" excludes high school volunteers joining trips as chaperones.

DateParticipantDestination# Kids
Sat1/3/04Rowan ElementaryDowntown Los Angeles7
Fri1/9/04Wilton Place El.Aquarium of the Pacific19
Fri1/9/04Miramonte Grp. #1Central Library14
Fri1/9/04Miramonte Grp. #2Exposition Park15
Sun1/11/04Winter GardensDowntown Los Angeles22
Fri1/16/04Wilton Place El.Aquarium of the Pacific17
Fri1/16/04Miramonte Grp. #1Science Center14
Fri1/16/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific18
Sat1/17/04Norwalk Sheriff YALSan Pedro12
Sat1/17/04Ford Blvd. ElementaryDowntown Los Angeles16
Fri1/23/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #1LACMA & Tar Pits19
Fri1/23/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #2Science Center17
Fri1/23/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific20
Sun1/25/0449th Street El.Exposition Park16
Fri1/30/04Wilton Place ElScience Center18
Fri1/30/04Winter GardensDowntown Los Angeles19
Fri1/30/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific16
Sat1/31/04Wilton PlaceAquarium of the Pacific16
Sat1/31/04Winter GardensLACMA & Tar Pits21
Sat1/31/04Bell GardensAquarium of the Pacific14
Fri2/6/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #1Aquarium of the Pacific20
Fri2/6/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #2Science Center18
Fri2/6/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific20
Sat2/7/04Winter GardensExposition Park13
Sat2/7/04Ford Blvd. ElementaryAquarium of the Pacific12
Tue2/10/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific18
Fri2/13/04Wilton PlaceScience Center17
Fri2/13/04Miramonte Grp. #1Aquarium of the Pacific15
Fri2/13/04Miramonte Grp. #2Read to Achieve Rally33
Sat2/14/0493rd Street El.Downtown Los Angeles9
Tue2/17/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific21
Fri2/20/04Wilton Place El.LACMA & Tar Pits20
Sat2/21/04Winter GardensExposition Park15
Sun2/22/0449th Street El.Exposition Park19
Tue2/24/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific14
Fri2/27/04Miramonte El.Natural History Museum20
Fri2/27/04Wilton Place El.Aquarium of the Pacific19
Fri2/27/04Winter GardensScience Center15
Sat2/28/0493rd Street El.JANM & Library16
Fri3/5/04Wilton Place El.LACMA & Tar Pits17
Fri3/5/04Miramonte Grp. #1Aquarium of the Pacific18
Fri3/5/04Miramonte Grp. #2Central Library16
Sat3/6/04Bell GardensAquarium of the Pacific21
Sat3/6/04Norwalk Sheriff YALAquarium of the Pacific12
Fri3/12/04Wilton Place Grp. #1Downtown Los Angeles19
Fri3/12/04Wilton Place Grp. #2Science Center18
Fri3/12/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific18
Sat3/13/04Ford Blvd. ElementaryChinatown & Olvera St.13
Fri3/19/04Wilton Place El.Downtown Los Angeles18
Fri3/19/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific16
Sat3/20/04Ford Blvd. ElementaryChinatown & Olvera St.16
Sat3/20/04Winter GardensSouthwest Museum17
Tue3/23/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific20
Fri3/26/04Miramonte Grp. #1Aquarium of the Pacific19
Fri3/26/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific17
Fri3/26/04Miramonte Grp. #3Southwest Museum9
Sat3/27/04Winter GardensExpo Park Dino-Days21
Sat3/27/04Bell GardensExpo Park Dino-Days17
Fri4/2/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific25
Fri4/2/04Wilton Place El.LA County Art Museum18
Sat4/3/04Hooper ElementaryExposition Park15
Fri4/9/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific15
Fri4/9/04Wilton Place El.Downtown Los Angeles17
Fri4/16/04Miramonte Grp. #1Natural History Museum21
Fri4/16/04Miramonte Grp. #2Natural History Museum17
Fri4/16/04Wilton Place El.Downtown Los Angeles18
Sat4/17/04Rowan Grp. #1LACMA & Tar Pits15
Sat4/17/04Rowan Grp. #2LACMA & Tar Pits14
Fri4/23/04Miramonte Grp. #1Natural History Museum20
Fri4/23/04Miramonte Grp. #2Natural History Museum14
Fri4/23/04Wilton Place El.Downtown Los Angeles17
Sat4/24/04Rowan Grp. #1Aquarium Earth Day14
Sat4/24/04Rowan Grp. #2Aquarium Earth Day20
Sun4/25/0493rd Street El.LACMA & Tar Pits10
Fri4/30/04Winter GardensDowntown Los Angeles19
Fri4/30/04Miramonte El.Natural History Museum17
Fri4/30/04Wilton Place El.Aquarium of the Pacific19
Sat5/1/04Hooper ElementaryAquarium of the Pacific10
Fri5/7/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #1Natural History Museum22
Fri5/7/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #2Craft Mus. & LACMA17
Fri5/7/04Miramonte El.Central Library20
Sat5/8/04Rowan ElementaryDebs Audubon Center16
Fri5/14/04Miramonte Grp. #1Natural History Museum17
Fri5/14/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific26
Fri5/14/04Miramonte Grp. #3Aquarium of the Pacific12
Sat5/15/04Ford Blvd. ElementaryExposition Park11
Fri5/21/04Miramonte Grp. #1Science Center15
Fri5/21/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific18
Fri5/21/04Miramonte Grp. #3Aquarium of the Pacific19
Sat5/22/04Graham Grp. #1Expo Park Bug Fair21
Sat5/22/04Graham Grp. #2Expo Park Bug Fair15
Fri5/28/04Winter GardensWhittier Mus. & Pico House18
Fri5/28/04Miramonte Grp. #1Science Center14
Fri5/28/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific21
Sat5/29/04Hooper ElementaryLos Angeles Zoo11
Fri6/4/04Wilton Place Grp. #1Southwest Museum19
Fri6/4/04Wilton Place Grp. #2Olvera Street30
Sat6/5/04Carver SchoolAquarium of the Pacific10
Fri6/11/04Miramonte Grp. #1Debs Audubon Center15
Fri6/11/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific16
Fri6/11/04Wilton Place El.Science Center19
Sat6/12/04Carver SchoolDowntown Los Angeles16
Sat6/12/04Winter GardensAquarium of the Pacific20
Fri6/18/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #1LACMA & Tar Pits18
Fri6/18/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific18
Fri6/18/04Miramonte El.Natural History Museum17
Sat6/19/04Hooper ElementaryDowntown Los Angeles7
Sat6/19/04Ford Blvd. ElementaryAquarium of the Pacific9
Fri6/25/04Miramonte El.Science Center16
Fri6/25/04Wilton Place El.LACMA & Tar Pits21
Sat6/26/04Winter GardensWhittier Mus. & Pico House16
Sun6/27/04Winter GardensAquarium of the Pacific16
Fri7/9/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific20
Fri7/9/04Wilton Place El.LACMA & Tar Pits18
Sat7/10/0493rd Street El.Lotus Festival15
Fri7/16/04Miramonte Grp. #1Debs Audubon Center19
Fri7/16/04Miramonte Grp. #2Natural History Museum17
Fri7/16/04Wilton Place El.LACMA & Tar Pits20
Fri7/23/04Miramonte Grp. #1Natural History Museum18
Fri7/23/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific28
Fri7/23/04Wilton Place El.LACMA & Tar Pits18
Sat7/24/04Hooper ElementaryAquarium of the Pacific23
Fri7/30/04Miramonte El.Southwest Museum12
Fri7/30/04Wilton Place El.LACMA & Tar Pits18
Sat7/31/04Winter GardensNatural History Museum23
Fri8/6/04Miramonte Grp. #1Aquarium of the Pacific19
Fri8/6/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific11
Fri8/6/04Wilton Place El.Natural History Museum18
Sat8/7/04Korean Youth CenterAquarium of the Pacific18
Sat8/7/04Hooper ElementaryExposition Park17
Fri8/13/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific19
Fri8/13/04Winter GardensCentral Library22
Fri8/13/04Wilton Place El.Natural History Museum20
Fri8/20/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #1Aquarium of the Pacific16
Fri8/20/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #2LACMA & Tar Pits15
Fri8/20/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #3Natural History Museum14
Fri8/27/04Winter GardensCentral Library16
Fri8/27/04Wilton Place El.Southwest Museum24
Sat8/28/04Winter GardensCentral Library15
Fri9/3/04Miramonte Grp. #1Aquarium of the Pacific19
Fri9/3/04Miramonte Grp. #2Aquarium of the Pacific19
Fri9/3/04Miramonte Grp. #3Central Library16
Sat9/4/04Winter GardensLACMA & Tar Pits20
Fri9/10/04Miramonte Grp. #1Debs Audubon Center16
Fri9/10/04Miramonte Grp. #2Debs Audubon Center14
Fri9/10/04Wilton Place El.Southwest Museum19
Sat9/11/04Rowan Grp. #1Southwest Museum17
Sat9/11/04Rowan Grp. #2SW Mus. & El Alisal15
Fri9/17/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific17
Fri9/17/04Wilton Place El.Southwest Museum20
Sat9/18/0493rd Street El.San Pedro15
Sat9/18/04Bell GardensAquarium of the Pacific17
Fri9/24/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific26
Fri9/24/04Wilton Place El.Southwest Museum18
Sat9/25/04Wilton Place El.Aquarium of the Pacific12
Sat9/25/04El Sereno ElementaryAquarium of the Pacific16
Sat9/25/0449th Street El.Central Library19
Fri10/1/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific27
Fri10/1/04Wilton Place El.Southwest Museum20
Sat10/2/0493rd Street El.Kids' Day L.A.13
Fri10/8/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #1Los Angeles Zoo21
Fri10/8/04Wilton Pl. Grp. #2Central Library19
Sat10/9/04Graham ElementaryAquarium of the Pacific19
Fri10/15/04Winter GardensDowntown Los Angeles18
Sat10/16/0493rd Street El.Exposition Park12
Sat10/16/04Bell GardensExposition Park20
Sun10/17/04122nd St. ElementaryGrand Av Fest & Libr15
Fri10/22/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific23
Sat10/23/0493rd Street El.Central Library19
Sat10/23/04Winter GardensCentral Library14
Sat10/23/04Ford Blvd. ElementaryCentral Library14
Sat10/23/04122nd St. ElementaryAquarium of the Pacific24
Sat10/23/04El Sereno El.San Gabriel Mission11
Fri10/29/04Miramonte El.Aquarium of the Pacific18
Sat10/30/04Norwalk Sheriff YALQueen Mary20
Sun11/7/0493rd St. Grp. #1Aquarium of the Pacific14
Sun11/7/0493rd St. Grp. #2Science Center8
Sat11/13/04Rowan ElementaryExposition Park15
Sat11/13/04118th St. ElementaryScience Center13
Sun11/14/04122nd St. ElementaryExposition Park19
Tue11/16/04Miramonte El.Central Library16
Wed11/17/04Miramonte El.Central Library20
Fri11/19/04Miramonte El.Debs Audubon Center17
Fri11/19/04Wilton Place El.Central Library18
Sat11/20/04Graham ElementaryArboretum14
Sat11/20/04Rowan ElementaryCentral Library17
Tue11/23/04Miramonte El.Central Library18
Wed12/1/04Miramonte El.Central Library18
Fri12/3/04Wilton Place El.Science Center15
Fri12/3/04Winter GardensCentral Library17
Sat12/4/0493rd Street El.Science Center15
Fri12/10/04Graham ElementaryDowntown Los Angeles23
Sat12/11/04Garfield ElementaryExposition Park14
Sat12/11/0493rd Street El.Museum of Latin Am. Art11
Sat12/18/04Bell GardensHeritage Park15
2004 Total:3,349