Trip Stats: 1999

Listed below are statistics for the TransitPeople excursions completed in 1999. Please see the destination pages for more specific information on educational attractions in Exposition Park and downtown Los Angeles. "# Kids" excludes high school volunteers joining trips as chaperones.

1999 figures are for the total number of children joining trips, rather than for the number of children participating from individual schools and youth groups.

Most participant numbers prior to 10/13/01 are estimates.

DateParticipantDestination# Kids
Sat2/27/99Gratts ElementaryLos Angeles Zoo15
Sat3/14/99Gratts ElementaryLos Angeles Marathon6
Sat3/27/99Pueblo Nuevo ChurchLong Beach Aquarium12
Sat5/08/99Gratts Elementary
Pueblo Nuevo Church
Ford Blvd. Elementary
Santa Monica Unitarian
Ocean Discovery Center25
Sat5/16/99Gratts ElementaryChildrens' Day Celebration7
Sat6/6/99Gratts ElementaryCajun/Zydeco Festival6
Sat6/19/99West Athens Elementary
Gratts Elementary
Downtown Los Angeles40
Sat7/17/99West Athens Elementary
St. Philips Church
Ocean Discovery Center30
Sat7/24/99St. Philips Church
Hollywood-Beverly Church
Queen Mary40
Sat8/08/99West Athens Elementary
Gratts Elementary
Barnsdall Art Park35
Sat8/28/99Gratts ElementaryLatino Book Festival11
Sat9/19/99Gratts ElementaryL.A. County Fair12
Sat9/26/99West Athens ElementaryWatts Towers Jazz Festival15
Sat10/02/99West Athens Elementary
Gratts Elementary
St. Philips Church
Arts Open House31
Sat11/06/99Gratts Elementary
Braille Institute
Downtown YMCA26
Sat11/20/99All Peoples CenterAquarium21
Sat12/11/99West Athens ElementaryColburn School Concert20
1999 Total:352