Teacher-Trip Leaders

Note, 12/4/2013: TransitPeople is closing up shop! Please see the news page for more information.

Teachers interested in booking frequent curricular field trips may want to qualify as "teacher-trip leaders." Qualification requirements for teacher-leaders are slightly less demanding than those for traditional leaders.


  • complete a two hour introductory training, without students. Training participants receive copies of the TransitPeople Teacher-Leader Training Guide.
  • successfully lead an evaluation field trip with a minimum of sixteen students.
  • show or obtain current certificates in Adult, Infant, Child CPR and First Aid.
  • complete a Livescan fingerprint background check, or ask an administrator to complete a form verifying that they have completed school district background check requirements. Background check verification forms can be downloaded for LAUSD teachers and for Montebello Unified teachers.

After qualification, teacher-leaders receive:

  • TransitPeople supplies, including a first aid kit, emergency rain ponchos and TransitPeople jerseys. These supplies are shared among teacher-leaders, if more than one teacher qualifies at a given school site.
  • An individual cash fund, to cover admission costs and, when necessary, transit costs. This fund is replenished as teacher-leaders book trips.

Teacher-leaders are free to book trips 'on demand,' with as little as one week of notice, to educational, transit accessible destinations. They also are free to lead trips for other classes at their school sites, although only a few teacher-leaders have done so.

Teacher leaders are required to complete a biennial refresher training, which reviews essentials of leading trips safely.

Teacher-leaders remain qualified to lead trips if they change school sites. However, they may not be able to lead trips if they move to a school poorly served by public transit.

If interested in qualifying as a teacher-leader or introducing this program at your school, please e-mail with your name and school contact information.

Teachers interested in conducting transit trips separately from TransitPeople, or those who would like a broader overview of how transit trips differ from conventional school bus field trips, can find an introduction here.