Becoming a Volunteer

TransitPeople needs Trip Leaders -- especially Leaders who can chaperone groups on weekdays. Only three Leaders now regularly conduct weekday trips, and their available days sometimes are spoken for months in advance. If we had more, we could book more trips and expand our weekday program to other schools.

But there's a catch: becoming a Trip Leader takes some time. You won't know it you want to put in that time until you first see for yourself what TransitPeople is all about. So please, consider joining us first as a Volunteer Guide. All you need to do to become a Guide is submit the application linked below and commit a day to the trip.

Like Trip Leaders, Guides travel to the school, church or other youth group site at the beginning of the day to meet the kids, and escort them back to the site at the end of the trip. Guides take direction from Leaders and help keep the children safe as they walk to and from the transit stop, ride the train or bus, and participate in the day's event.

You don't have to be a teacher-of-the-year to become a Guide, but you should be (among other things) eighteen years of age or older, and willing to abide by our Safety and Behavior Guidelines.

As we take almost all our trips on Fridays and on weekends, that's when we can sign up Guides, too. Our shortest trips last about four hours; our longest, over eleven. Most of the youth groups we escort are in central Los Angeles.

To apply:

  • Click here to download the Guide Application.
  • If you're concerned about sharing personal information, please read the Privacy Statement on page 1 to see exactly how the information will (and won't!) be used. Please also read the Safety and Behavior Guidelines on pages 2 through 4, and retain these pages for future reference.
  • Complete, sign and send in page 5 by fax or postal mail to. (Contact information is here.)

(If you can't download or view either one, send us an e-mail. A copy can be sent to you by postal mail.)

If you have any comments, please write a note to that effect on the back of page 5.

You might decide after your first trip that TransitPeople isn't a good match for you. If so, then thanks for joining us for one trip, no matter what! But if you like what we do and want to chaperone city kids to educational destinations all over the city, then please take a look at what's involved in becoming a Trip Leader in your own right.